How to Boost Real Estate Sales with One Simple Step

Have you ever wondered why nobody seems interested in your real estate postings? 

Have you posted a great place for rent on Craigslist and only had a few responses?

Do you have interest in your posting, but renters and buyers have a lot of reservations right off the bat?

I have the solution for you.

Whether you are an owner, a real estate agent, or a renter looking for another roommate, you should hire a professional photographer to photograph your home.

One of the most common mistakes I see all the time is poor images of homes for rent or for sale. I have dismissed countless units for the way they appeared in pictures.

Little did I know the homes were wonderful- they were just presented poorly.

Sellers often believe that their iPhones can do the job. I understand the urge to save a few dollars by taking pictures yourself. 

But what if hiring a professional photographer would increase your profits and end up paying for itself? 

Better pictures of homes will drive up interest in and offers on your properties.

Not sold yet?

I'll give you an example of a real unit that was photographed with a smart phone. The posting received NO responses so I came in and took matters into my own hands. Here are the before and after images of the home:

Which home would you rather visit? Would you even call the seller of the home in the first pictures?

Good photographs will make your job easier and your wallet thicker. Look around your area for local photographers today! 

If you are interested in learning more about real estate photography, would like to hire me to photograph your home, or have your own tips to share with me, please contact me at I would love to hear from you!